AmaZix Investor Relations 2.0 Services

Since launching in 2017, AmaZix has been a cornerstone of the crypto industry. We are the global leader in community management. Our team of around 100 has maintained, fostered and grown the communities of over 120 projects that have collectively raised more than $1.3B, including the likes of Bancor, HDAC, Bankex, WePower and GoChain.

We are also the largest providers of full-service advisory to blockchain businesses. Our analyst team, comprised of some of the brightest minds in the industry, has meticulously assessed over 300 projects and played a pivotal role in refining the token economics and whitepapers of major tokenized projects.

As the crypto industry matures, investors and regulators expect projects to abide by much higher standards of communication, accountability and transparency than ever before. Failing to match these standards will result in failed token sales and in the worst case, possible regulatory action.

In light of this changing landscape, AmaZix is launching the Investor Relations 2.0 service suite (IR 2.0).

Here, you will find a detailed outline of our IR 2.0 service, and how we can help your project.

What is IR 2.0?

IR 2.0 is a complete investor and community relations solution that merges legal compliance, marketing and corporate investor relation practices with the best-in-class community management services for which AmaZix is so well known. IR 2.0 will provide clients with the highest standards of transparency and compliant communication in their chosen jurisdiction(s), maximizing the chances of a successful token sale and minimizing the risk of exposure to costly regulatory action. Through IR 2.0, we will help trailblazing companies to create the new standard for investor and community relations in the blockchain space.

IR 2.0 is composed of three distinct suites: Compliance and Communication, Accountability and Transparency, and Engagement and Representation. Within these three suites are a range of services designed to create maximum transparency while mitigating regulatory risk. What follows is a breakdown of each suite and its constituent services.

Compliance and Communication Suite

Compliant Community Management

AmaZix is the number one provider of community management in the cryptosphere. We are adept at delivering compliant community management in whichever jurisdiction(s) our clients are based. As the crypto space has matured, so too has regulation regarding communication with investors. With IR 2.0, AmaZix is not only responding to these legal developments, we are ensuring compliance while also proactively improving the community management and investor relations experience for all parties involved. In doing so, AmaZix will create a new and much higher standard of compliant communication for the industry.

AmaZix will provide all of its clients with:

  • Documents outlining analysis conducted, a proposal for a community management strategy designed specifically for the project and a detailed explanation of the rationale behind this strategy. This will include the approach that will be taken by the specific community managers involved to minimize legal burden.
  • The set-up and optimization of appropriate channels in line with the proposed Community Management strategy.

For an additional fee, AmaZix can also provide the following legal services:

  • An initial assessment of the client’s legal requirements. This assessment will be conducted through focused meetings between the client’s management team or legal team and AmaZix’s general counsel.
  • A periodic reassessment document provided to ensure that clients remain compliant with all changes to the law.

Our compliance and communication suite also features two additional services, video production and content marketing, that clients can request if desired.

Video Production

AmaZix will produce a professional-grade promotional video aimed at highlighting the team and their vision. The AmaZix team will conduct extensive research on the best videographers in the business, identifying any that are appropriate and then work with the client to select the right one for their particular project. AmaZix, the videographer and the client will work together to develop a promotional video specifically tailored to support the ambitions of the project.

Content Marketing

AmaZix’s top team of analysts and advisors will design a credibility-building content strategy aimed at increasing brand awareness and status. A unique and focused content marketing strategy will be designed for each client based on the clients’ vision, their whitepaper and other documentation, and on market analysis conducted by the AmaZix team. The AmaZix team will then produce a series of blog posts and other materials that have been crafted to optimally engage with the community and stimulate interest. Content marketing strategies will be structured for deployment over a six-month period as standard. The length of the marketing campaign can be extended at the request of the client.

Accountability & Transparency

Quarterly Reporting

The AmaZix team will produce compliant quarterly reports customized to the particular specifications of the project. These reports will not only be robust and comprehensive ensuring absolute compliance, they will also be designed with the elegance that AmaZix is well known for.

Each report will contain:

Detailed financials: The report will detail financial metrics including earnings growth, revenue growth, growth of a specific revenue stream, cost contractions, and so on. It may also include consolidated financial statements including balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement. It will provide analysis and explanations of any unexpected expenses or windfalls, growth and generally answer any questions an experienced investor would have when looking at the statements. If relevant, this section will also include details of any dividends to be paid out or stock buybacks that were conducted.

Token supply information: Where relevant, each report will list the total supply, circulating supply, number of tokens added and removed from circulating supply over the previous quarter and the number of tokens currently locked up in vesting schedules or otherwise. Again, if relevant, reports will also outline future monetary policy (regarding token minting and burning).

Product development: Reports will provide updates on key product or service milestones achieved, new features launched, security audits or other code reviews undertaken and learning gained.

Business development: Reports will provide updates on all key business development milestones and how they have grown since the previous quarter. This may include information on Daily Active Users (DAU), DAU growth, Average Revenue Per User (ARPU), ARPU growth, Monthly Active Users (MAU), MAU Growth, Total Audience reached, partnerships signed, conferences attended, social media reach (total number of blog posts/updates published and total reach) and growth in social media following.

Legal: Reports will provide information and analysis of any key regulatory developments, either globally or regionally, that could affect the project’s prospects. This will include an outline of key regulations and regulatory requirements that the project faces and all the efforts it has made to remain compliant as well as updates on progress made in receiving licenses, trademarks and meetings with regulators.

Forward guidance: Each report will contain detailed and specific details on what the company will aim to achieve in the next quarter, whether it be financial (grow revenue to $X), product development (launch X feature), business development (achieve X DAU) or legal (receive X license).

Other information: Reports can also be used to convey other key information about the progress that has been made and any miscellaneous milestones that have been met. This could include key hires made, team members leaving the team, impressive customer service statistics and partnerships established.

Reports will be produced in the languages of all relevant jurisdictions and any other languages that the client requests.

Annual Reporting

The production of annual reports as well as accompanying accounts documentation is a legal requirement in many jurisdictions. For an additional fee, AmaZix offers the production of annual reports which will contain all of the information listed above. AmaZix can assist clients in the production of their account audits through our partnership with PwC Global.

Registry Disclosure

In addition to compliant reporting, AmaZix offers an optional registry disclosure service as part of our Accountability & Transparency suite. If desired, AmaZix can submit a client’s project to our partner Messari. Messari a disclosure registry provider building the first token-based self-regulatory organization, creating crypto’s own EDGAR database with a Bloomberg data room on top. Messari can handle all necessary disclosures, fees and other administrative tasks to ensure the information supplied is up to date and accurate. Messari only selects quality, pre-vetted projects which submit key data disclosures including circulating supply, treasury operations and vesting periods, which is then verified by validators - further building trust with investors.

This initiative promotes transparency and accountability in the crypto space. The AmaZix team firmly believes that in time, projects that are not listed on Messari or a similar registry will be overlooked by investors and judged accordingly by the market.

Representation and Participation Suite

As experts in community management, AmaZix is keenly aware of the best strategies for reaching out to and engaging with the community. With IR 2.0, we are implementing the most cutting edge Representation and Participation strategies to ensure the best possible communication with investors and other stakeholders while staying legally compliant in all jurisdictions.

Quarterly Webcasts

AmaZix will organize and conduct live quarterly conference webcasts. These webcasts will feature members of the project’s executive team, a member of the AmaZix analyst team, board members (if available), and press representatives (if required).

Though the webcast format will be tailored specifically to the interests of the client, the fundamental webcast structure will be 30 minutes to one hour of a quarterly presentation following the same format as the quarterly report and one hour of live Q&A with the community and press members. An AmaZix analyst will select the pool of questions to be answered by the client. The client will be given the questions in advance in order to prepare comprehensive answers.

Additionally, should the client be interested in doing so, the AmaZix community management team will organize and run competitions, rewarding the most active community members by inviting them to take part in the webcast and ask the team questions (similar to Youtuber Galileo Russell going on the Tesla Conference call last year).

AmaZix will also produce full transcripts of the webcasts in multiple languages (agreed upon beforehand). These transcripts, along with the webcast footage, will be supplied to the client.

Board Representation

Board representation is an additional and entirely optional service that is offered as part of our Representation and Participation Suite. A senior member of the AmaZix advisory team will take a seat on the project’s board, lending their experience, expertise and personal brand to the project. Crucially, this seat will be “transparent”: the AmaZix board member will commit to representing the interests of the community and token-holders. AmaZix will organize quarterly board meetings in which concerns raised by token-holders will be tabled and discussed. The inclusion of an AmaZix board member will constitute an extra layer of accountability to projects and will display a real commitment to representing tokenholders and the community.

AmaZix will then produce transcripts and reports of these meetings that will outline key issues raised and outcomes achieved for the community. Depending on the proposed content of the board meeting, the entire board meeting can be live streamed to the community.


Investor Relations 2.0 is a full service solution that aims to accelerate a transition within the crypto industry to high transparency and compliant communication. Proactive projects that take up the mantle with IR 2.0 stand to reap the benefits of setting new standards of transparency by maximizing the chances of a successful token sale while mitigating regulatory risk.

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