2018: The AmaZix Story So Far

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If last year was the period that many people finally jumped onto the blockchain and cryptocurrency bandwagon, this year will be the one to see the mainstream get comfortable with blockchain tech and increase actual use.

The recently published Forbes Fintech 50 for 2018 list features nine blockchain-related companies, many who began their journey along with hundreds of other start ups in 2016 and 2017 with successful crowdfunding campaigns, who will now begin building the actual infrastructure to their various innovations. This is a strong indication that recognition and development begins with a successful early phase of raising capital.

And that is precisely what AmaZix is all about: doing all we can to ensure success for our partners in their crowdfunding purposes.

Our expertise in community management and engagement means that we get our partners’ messages out there. We localize content so that cross-border global audiences are reached, giving equal opportunity and access to growing cross-border communities of crypto and blockchain enthusiasts that can sometimes be isolated by the very basic limitations of language and geography.

Our intimacy with these communities means that we understand the diverse needs and interests of individual investors. Our talented team of technically proficient managers are among the most knowledgeable and responsive — ready to interact round the clock with their communities across a range of social media and communication channels to help them understand our partners’ visions and project objectives.

Only six weeks into 2018, our partners have experienced record-setting progress with their respective ICOs or token sales. We’d like to share a brief summary of the year’s success stories so far:

1. Bankex Proof-of-Asset protocol (PoA), a project working on the tokenization of real-world assets, recorded a total crowdfund total of over 70,000 ETH ($70.7 million in value at the time), exceeding its US dollar cap by 150% in just three rounds of token sales. Over 6,000 unique participants from 127 countries contributed for their share of 80,000,000 BKX tokens, which were successfully distributed in January.

2. WePower, whose platform seeks to enable renewable energy producers to raise capital by issuing tradeable energy tokens, experience a complete sell out during their February 1st token sale in only a few hours, despite setting an individual cap of 0.2 ETH for the first five hours. Consequently, WePower reached their $40 million hard cap via contributions from over 22,900 participants — almost half the membership of its 46,500-member strong Telegram channel.

3. Restart Energy, an EU energy provider proposing to democratize the energy market with a regulatory compliant blockchain platform, had their MWAT tokens sold out within two minutes on January 23rd (the “delay” thanks to a momentary website crash after an overload), raising $30 million. The interest generated was such that it was still recording more than 5,000 participants simultaneously attempting to access the sale after its conclusion.

4. Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX), which will be the world’s first institutional-grade token sale platform and cryptocurrency exchange, started their Rock token (RKT) sale on February 7th, before removing the individual cap the next day. Consequently, every single available token was snapped up out 30 seconds later, raising $27 million. In total, 3,474 unique contributors from 95 countries participated in the public sale, with 35,000,000 RKT already distributed.

5. DataWallet, a leading C2B blockchain-based data exchange, experienced a similar event when they lifted individual 10 ETH caps on their public token sale that started on February 5th. After the floodgates opened just a day later, they sold out tokens after only 55 seconds, achieving their goal of $40 million.

6. FortKnoxster, the blockchain-based secure, encrypted communications suite, found that success came early, announcing the cancellation of their public token sale almost two months from its planned launch. This was thanks to the unanticipated subscription to its early-bird pre-sale, during which over 2,000 participants contributed $12 million, closing the campaign on January 11th, 66 days earlier than planned.

7. Sharpe Capital, the decentralized financial markets protocol and investment platform that pays participants for their market insight, closed out their token generation event a week ahead of schedule on January 28th, after achieving their hard cap limit of 6,000 ETH (valued at over $5.6 million at the time) thanks to 1,200 contributors. This was the company that already had a working product paying out participants — the way their model provided.

8. Current, the blockchain ecosystem of streaming services with an incentivized protocol, found out just how popular the idea of a single access point for all streaming content would be, when over 250,000 people whitelisted for their token sale and over 99,000 members joining their Telegram channel. Along with the fact that they already raised $36 million during pre-sale, this prompted the decision to cancel the public token sale and airdrop $4 million worth of CRNC tokens to their burgeoning community,

We at AmaZix count ourselves privileged to have been part of that successful journey of initial capital-seeking ventures for many of our partners, and are pleased to see that our achievements in the latter half of 2017 with the likes of Bancor and Stox have been replicated in the first weeks of the new year.

The best thing is, we’re only getting started.

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