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The unmatched analysts at AmaZix have helped some of the largest projects in the world raise hundreds of millions in funding. Leverage our experience towards your success.

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Remove the Guesswork

The industry veterans at AmaZix will lead you through every step of your security or utility token development and sale, letting you focus on your project growth.

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Token Economics Analysis

Your project's token economic model can make or break the results of your sale. The token analysis experts at AmaZix will work with you to maximize the intrinsic value of your token.

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Key Document Development

The effectiveness of essential documents, such as your whitepaper or pitch deck, are critical to the fundraising process. Our team will help you develop these from scratch, or help optimize existing ones.

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Access to Elite Experts

Working with AmaZix affords your team direct access to top-tier senior analysts available to answer your questions, providing valuable recommendations based on first-hand experience.

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Security Token Expertise

We specialize in helping clients structure security token sales, while navigating the quickly changing regulatory environment. Meet and exceed the high level of scrutiny for your upcoming security token offering.

Improve Your Sale Today

Instantly increase the authority behind your project by partnering with AmaZix. As token advisory professionals, our first-hand experience can play a key role in developing effective strategies for your upcoming sale.