The AmaZix team is a group of blockchain believers and enthusiasts, who gathered around the same idea — to offer a unique skill set and help improve the space.

We saw an opportunity to make changes others hadn't yet attempted — and took it.

The first step? Professionally run community management services that would forever change how people could be reached through social media or other places online.

From there, things just grew from one successful endeavor into another through offering integral and innovative blockchain marketing solutions addressing pain points across all areas related to the rapidly expanding crypto, DeFi, and NFT markets.

Together, we envision a future where blockchain technology is seamlessly integrated into society. A future where decentralized applications work together to improve the global ecosystem, democratizing technology and reshaping our societies for the better.

Maybe, just maybe, blockchain wouldn't have been where it is today if it weren't for us.


Jonas Sevel Karlberg

Executive Chairman

Paolo Anziano



Raffaele Battaglini

Lead Legal Advisor

Wil Robinson

COO & Partner

James Bevilaqua

DPO & Compliance Officer,

Dennis Lund

Accountant & Partner

Massimo Simbula

Legal Advisor

Kenneth Berthelsen

Regional Sales & Account Manager

Mitchell Mahaffey

Regional Sales & Account Manager


Giancarlo Santos

Director of Community

Diogo Pinto

Project Manager and CM Lead

Nik Achleithner

CRM and Systems Integration Engineer


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